Attendance at meetings

Local residents and other members of the public are most welcome at Parish Council meetings.

Parish website

Please advise any Councillor or the Parish Clerk if there is any additional information that you would like to see on the website.


Ribble Valley Borough Council minutes, reports and agendasOpens in a new window.

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Lancashire County Council minutes, decisions and CouncillorsOpens in a new window.

Ribble Valley MP

Nigel Evans (Conservative) is the MP for the constituency of the Ribble Valley. Mr Evans' email is, and his 'phone number is 020 7219 6939.

Members of the European Parliament

The contact details of the MEPs for the North West are available on the website of the UK Office of the European ParliamentOpens in a new window.

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Parish and Ribble Valley Councillors

Grindleton Parish        
  Cllr. Keith Hutton
Parish Council.
4 Syke Cottages,
07979 569279
  Councillor Keith Hutton Cllr. Chris Dumon
Parish Councillor.
Rocking Castle,
  Cllr. Lorraine Halley
Parish Councillor.
Orchard House,
Main St,
    Cllr. Peter Entwistle
Parish Councillor.
4 Greendale View,
01200 441717
Councillor Alan Fielding Cllr. Alan Fielding
Parish Councillor.
North Barn,
Back Lane,
  Councillor Jenny Czerwonka Cllr. Jenny Czerwonka
Parish Councillor.
Fields Farm, off Sawley Road
Councillor James Towler Cllr. James Towler
Parish Councillor.
Steelands Farm,
01200 441214
  Eileen Flatley
Parish Clerk.
The Old Bakery,
07747 823373
Ribble Valley - Waddington & West Bradford Ward        
  Cllr. Bridget Hilton
RVBC Councillor.
24 Westfield Drive,
West Bradford.
01200 424227

Parish Council Meetings

The meetings take place at 7:30pm in the Parish Room. The dates may change - please email the Parish Clerk to confirm the date of an upcoming meeting.


The Parish Council minutes are available for download in the table below. There is an Annual Meeting in April/May and normally six Ordinary Meetings each year. The links will open in a new windowOpens in a new window.

Parish Plan

A Parish Plan was published in 2008. The aim was to determine what villagers want from their community, enable the Parish Council to reconnect with local people and move forward with new vigour to tackle what the community recognises as its problems and opportunities.

Photograph of the Parish Plan cover
Parish Plan cover (Jun 08)

The Parish Council wanted villagers to lead the process to enable different voices to be heard. A grant from the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs was acquired at the end of February 2007. An open meeting was held in June 2007 to engage with the community and set up a working group. A questionnaire was developed to determine the views of residents. In total, the questionnaire was returned by 52% of households.

Initial issues were reflected back to the residents at a sociable session on 21 April 2008. We were pleased to welcome some of the outside agencies who may be involved in bringing about some of the actions needed (like the LCC bus operator officer and a youth officer). Many of the issues will need further investigation and work with a variety of outside agencies as the Parish Council has only limited resources financially and in terms of personnel. The Parish Council has tacitly accepted that it will be the driver/monitor of the Plan, reporting back to the community at its AGM and at other times if appropriate.

The Parish Plan incorporating the village surveyOpens in a new window outlines the rationale for the Plan and the outcome of the survey of residents. Actions arose from the Plan and the report Parish Plan ActionsOpens in a new window declares the action, the approach for delivery, timescale, responsibility and resource implications. The Actions are reviewed at each Parish Council meeting with a major review at the AGM.

The Parish Plan review that took place at the Annual Meeting on 7 April 2009 is available for downloadOpens in a new window.

Accounts and Transparency

The Council is required to abide with financial regulations regarding External AuditingOpens in a new window and with Financial Controls and ProceduresOpens in a new window.

Financial data for 2018-19 is available: Annual Governance Statement, Certificate of Exemption, Explanation of Variances, Transparency Code Table, Bank Reconciliation.

Accounts data for 2017-18 are also still available for download: Annual Governance Statement, Accounting Statement, Annual Internal Audit Report, Explanation of Variances, Bank Reconciliation.

Local Authority Accounts - a Summary of Your Rights

Any interested person can inspect accounting records; details are here: page 1, page 2, page 3.

Freedom of Information Act

A document outlining information available from Grindleton Parish Council under the model publication scheme to comply with Freedom of Information Act is available for downloadOpens in a new window.

Traffic Study

The Parish Council commissioned VTC (Highway and Transportation Consultants) Ltd.Opens in a new window to carry out a traffic and parking study on Main Street in February 2004. The study included the following investigations and action:

The results of the Traffic Study are available for downloadOpens in a new window. Also available are the blank Traffic Study QuestionnaireOpens in a new window and the Traffic Study Questionnaire ResultsOpens in a new window.

Parish Lengthsman

The Parish has a Lengthsman and his duties encompass the maintenance of:

Please direct any comments or suggestions for work needed to Cllr. Keith Hutton (07979 569279). The LCC website has general information on the Parish Lengthsman SchemeOpens in a new window.