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Grindleton Buy a Pub Meeting - A consultation on the viability to buy a village pub for the community by the community

A public meeting was held on Friday 24th May 2019 to discuss the possibility of a community-based bid to purchase a pub in Grindleton. The meeting took place in Grindleton Pavilion and was very well attended with approximately 120 people present.

The presentation, delivered by Keith Hutton and John Halley, was broadcast as a live webinar. After considerable debate, it was noted that the vast majority of those present were very supportive of the community pub concept. Villagers were asked to show their support by completing and returning the flyer or emailing

Initial research into the concept has been carried out by volunteers Keith Hutton, John Halley and Judy Entwistle. They need your support to move this project forward. You can make contact by email or phone:, John - 07429 415996, Keith - 07979 569279, Judy - 07752 154960.